• Dave Broad


It has been over two decades since my article on the peripheralization of the centre was written, and a long time since I had taken a look at it.  When I was asked by the editors of Alternate Routes to revisit the article, my first thought was that it might simply be a curious exercise in nostalgia.  A lot has happened since 1988, but it was interesting to discover that much of the analysis of the article still holds.  With continuing global economic restructuring, or globalization as it came to be called in the 1990s, and the neoliberal politics of deregulation, privatization and free trade, the world economy has become ever more integrated under the control of transnational corporations and their respective states.  The negative impact on work and welfare has been considerable.  Though unanticipated, the original Alternate Routes article provided the basis for my continuing exploration of these trends.

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