Alternative Political Economies: Unmaking Global Capitalism

Alternative Political Economies: Unmaking Global Capitalism

From growing precarity of job tenure, poverty and polarization, to ongoing global vaccine apartheid, climate displacement and migration, COVID-19 has painfully magnified every existing inequality in our society. This makes the task of reorganizing society in more socially just and equitable ways all the more urgent. Calls to Build Back Better and for a Just Transition have recently received plenty of mainstream attention, these calls however have often been concerned with reinventing, as opposed to repudiating, capitalism. In other words, they have sought to ‘fix’ capitalism’s worst flaws, rather than advance a ‘postcapitalist’ future. 
This Call For Papers invites submissions that critically interrogate and propose transformative agendas for change. Contributors are encouraged to envision alternative political economies in the unmaking of global capitalism. Topics may include, but are not limited to: socialist politics; nationalism and internationalism; employment and social protection policies; ownership and production relations; state theory and practice; labour and social movements; new left regroupment; just transition and building back better initiatives.
Additional topics may include but are not limited to: income transfers and pre/redistributive policies; the future of work; parties and political representation; global governance; imperialism and neocolonialism.

The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is July 1, 2022.      

Formatting guidelines can be found at Inquiries, including those related to additional topics, can be sent to: