CALL FOR PAPERS: Building Back Better? Just Transitions and the Future of Work - DEADLINE EXTENDED


The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus the myriad contradictions at the heart of contemporary capitalism. From unresponsive government and economic malaise, to mounting work-life conflicts, social unrest and continuing environmental degradation, solving these challenges requires big thinking unrestrained by business as usual. Predominant political responses have appealed for a more conscious, inclusive and stakeholder driven capitalism, yet many of these calls do little more than reproduce the status quo. What the world economy will look like a year from now, let alone ten or twenty, may  be  uncertain,  but  there  is  little  denying  that  governments  will  have  the  difficult   tasks   of   both   ramping   up   spending   to   rebuild   the   economy   and   generating revenue needed to cover the emergency outlays.

This Call For Papers invites submissions that put forward  progressive, transformative agendas for change to address the pressing social, political and economic issues of our time. In the spirit of Marx’s 11th thesis, contributors are encouraged to envision the society we want to create, to show that a better world is indeed possible. Topics may include, but are not limited to: social democratic and socialist politics; nationalism and internationalism; employment and social protection policies; ownership and production relations; labour and social movements.

Additional topics include:

  • Income Transfers and Pre/Redistributive Public Policies
  • Precarious Work, Digital Technologies and Labour Market Restructuring
  • Ideological Struggle, Political Parties and Political Representation
  • Unions, Equity and Affirmative Action
  • Transnational Actors and Global Governance
  • Imperialism and Neocolonialism
  • Just Transitions and the Future of Work
  • New forms of Organization, Ownership, and Production
  • Social and Political Resistance

The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is August 31, 2021. Formatting guidelines can be found at Inquiries can be sent to: