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Alternate Routes has established itself as a vital source of cutting edge analysis and a must read for anyone trying to figure out how capitalism really works. This issue's focus is climate change, among the most written about of all subjects in recent years, but also among the most misunderstood. This collection of articles by the likes of Marjorie Griffin Cohen, John Calvert, Ryan Katz-Rosene to name only a few opens up new lines of research and along with in-depth interviews with Greg Albo, Greg Sharzer, Carla Lipsig-Mumme, John Bellamy Foster and others really breaks new ground. This is solid political economy whose scarcity makes this volume all the more valuable.

-- Cy Gonick, publisher Canadian Dimension magazine

“Well-researched analysis of the most critical issues of our times doesn’t have to be dry and pedantic – and this fine journal proves it! Alternate Routes is a committed voice for justice and essential reading for every partisan of progressive social change."

– Ian Angus, Editor, Climate & Capitalism (

“If you've been searching for a space focused on understanding the world so we can change it - that is, on making the dynamics of global capitalism accessible without compromising on the complexities involved - there's an exciting journal you'll want to pay attention to. Welcome to Alternate Routes.”

-- Sam Gindin, Former Assistant to the President and Research Director, CAW, Packer Chair at York University, and author of The Canadian Auto Workers and Global Capitalism and American Empire (with Leo Panitch).

"One of the first and longest-lasting responses to the stifling effects of traditional academic journal publication practices in the social sciences."

--Research Resources for the Social Sciences

Past contributors to AR include: Wallace Clement, Michael Burawoy, Leo Panitch, John Porter, Pat and Hugh Armstrong, Eileen Saunders, Gillian Creese, Daniel Glenday, Sut Jhally, Greg Albo, Richard D. Wolff, Michael Perelman, Hugo Radice, Minqi Li, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky Jim Stanford, Ellen Mieksins Wood, Michael Lebowitz, Shelia Block, Simon Dalby, Neil Brenner, Jamie Peck, Nik Theodore and Sam Gindin among many others.

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